What is a Credit Score?

If you’re ready to start budgeting and getting your finances in order for the new…

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A couple sitting down signing documents with a real estate agent

Hiring a Real Estate Agent: Do’s and Don’ts

The home buying process has so many steps in it. It is easy to feel…

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Budgeting for Beginners

Deciding you finally want to get a handle on your finances and figure out how…

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How to raise your credit

How to raise your credit score

Having a good credit score is vital to a lot of the big financial decisions…

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The Hidden Costs of Buying a Home in 2021

Saving up for a down payment is just the first big step to becoming a…

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Man looking at bills on his desk

How to buy a house with bad credit

If you feel like you’re ready to buy a house but have bad credit, you…

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How much home can you afford?

Before you get carried away scrolling for your dream home online, you need an idea…

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Small home with rent and buy think bubbles

Should I rent or buy my home?

Among the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your life is whether you should rent…

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Best Tips for a First-time Home Buyer

Congrats on making the decision to become a homeowner for the first time! While making…

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Women sitting on couch with dog

Buying a House Without Your Spouse on the Mortgage

A lot has to be considered when preparing to purchase a house. But for couples,…

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Signs You Should Downsize Your Home

March 21, 2022

When you first sit down to figure out how much home you can afford, you…

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How to Find the Best Car Insurance

March 9, 2022

Figuring out how to find the best car insurance can be difficult. There are so…