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Finance markets
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America is a country that records the highest economic growth in the world. It has been on record for having the most significant growth rate annually. One of the things that it is known for is maintaining the economy with the highest G.D.P. that stands at 20.93 trillion for 2020.

The contributors in America’s markets include the agriculture sector that stands at 0.9%, the industry that stands at 18.9%, and services that contribute 80.2%. Our major focus today is on the services and their market contribution towards boosting the economy.

Financial services and markets have several sections that are as highlighted below

Banking services

Banking is one of the subsectors that make service delivery reliable. For instance, in 2019-2020, there was a drop from the 2018 standing, which was at $236.8 income. The assets contributed to $17.9 trillion.

The diversity in terms of financial institutions is remarkable in the country. Growth in the loans was registered hence resulting in credit growth. The trend of growth is solid, and it keeps growing day by day.


The insurance industry is also one of those whose growth keeps multiplying day by day. The growth from the year 2016 from premiums amounting to $1.1 trillion has been remarkable. In terms of property, the industry owns around 53% of the premiums.

Around 47 percent is the outcome of casualty insurers. Amazingly, the companies in the sector are so many that there are some from other countries. Some also have universal coverage.

Asset management

The American asset management industry boasts of having a significant share. It has around 47%, with accommodation of approximately $29.2 trillion. Since 2016 there has been rapid and continuous growth.

The American firms have investments that cover worldwide markets. Collaborations with investors from other countries make the whole process a deal. In profit-making for global funds, they are great contributors.

Private equity

The U.S.-based private institutions are known to have invested more than $500 billion. The private companies are many and have over 4700 firms and investors. In terms of employment, there are over 11.3 million from the U.S.A. and 19.7 million worldwide.

Private companies, therefore, have a significant contribution to the growth of the economy and financial markets. Consumer-related institutions have a substantial contribution in line with the private institutions.

Venture capital

Venture capital has its origin in the U.S.A. it is a great contributor to the rise of innovation firms and individual companies. Amazingly, several services get rendered, including development sectors.

These companies have been responsible for resource generation in history with over 21% revenue.  Venture capital makes around 82% of the industries in the United States. Their growth has been rapid and has extended their coverage even to other countries.


The financial industry in America has experienced rapid growth through the years. A fantastic thing about it is that the financial markets and services have continued to mushroom. Some have even covered a worldwide spectrum. With continued growth, they have continued to offer support to the development of the economy.


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